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Kompaktes 1/2”-Nieren-Kondensatormikrofon

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  • Extern polarisierter Kondensator
  • Goldbedampfte 1/2”-Kapsel
  • Robustes Gehäuse mit Satin-Nickelverarbeitung
  • Zwei Speisungsmöglichkeiten
  • Schaltungen auf Platine
  • Geringes Eigenrauschen
  • Breiter Übertragungsbereich
  • Auch als zertifiziertes Paar lieferbar
  • Kostenlose 10-Jahres-Garantie für online registrierte Mikrofone (siehe

Das RØDE NT5 ist ein Stabkondensatormikrofon mit Nierencharakteristik. Es wird bevorzugt für die Abnahme akustischer Instrumente, als Schlagzeug-Overhead, für Becken und Live-Anwendungen verwendet. Dieses extern polarisierte Mikrofon ist mit einer 1/2”-Kapsel und einem aktiven J-FET-Impedanzwandler mit zweipoligem Ausgangspuffer ausgestattet. Seine schmale Nierencharakteristik eignet sich außerdem für Dialogaufnahmen mit Hilfe eines Mikrofonstativs oder einer Angel im Filmstudio. Bei Bedarf kann das NT5 mit einer optionalen Kapsel mit Kugelcharakteristik (NT45-O) ausgestattet werden. Das NT5 hat ein satiniertes Nickelgehäuse und ist auch als akustisch abgestimmtes Paar lieferbar. Das NT5 wird in Australien hergestellt und erlaubt die kostenlose Erweiterung der RØDE-Garantie auf 10 Jahre.

NT5 Technische Daten
NT5 Technische Daten
Aktive ElektronikJFET impedance converter with bipolar output buffer
Richtcharakteristik Cardioid
Übertragungsbereich20Hz - 20kHz
Grenzschalldruckpegel143dB (@1kHz, Klirrfaktor von 1% an 1kΩ)
Maximaler Ausgangspegel13.9dBu (@1kHz, Klirrfaktor von 1% an 1kΩ) (@ 1kHz, 1% THD into 1KΩ load)
Empfindlichkeit-38.0dB re 1 Volt/Pascal (12.00mV @ 94 dB SPL) +/- 2 dB @ 1kHz
Eigenrauschen (A-gewichtet)16dBA
Speisung +24V phantom power+48V phantom power
Gewicht 101.00g
Abmessungen118.00mmH x 20.00mmW x 20.00mmD
Ausgang XLR Output
Garantie 1 Jahr, kostenlose Erweiterung auf 10 nach der Registrierung
NT5 Sounds
NT5 Pressestimmen
NT5 Pressestimmen

The NT5 pair I use on Acoustic guitars, string sections, and sometimes just atmosphere from the room. One problem, keep your eyes on the musicians. They will put this one in their back pocket after the session

Bootsy Collins

The RØDEs really have excellent directivity and rejection. I recorded with no eq or compression and got a super sound.

Jim Decicco
Producer (Linkin Park, Ice-T)

Bright, complex sounds such as small bells were handled well, with no obvious intermodulation distortion, while acoustic guitars came over with plenty of depth and detail. Noise was never evident.

Paul White
Sound on Sound

Really stunning sound quality for the money. You have to spend several times the price of these mics to get a small diaphragm condenser that performs even a little bit better.

David Klausner, Sweetwater

RØDE have got it right with the NT5s, they sound fantastic. They are keepers that I will hold onto for years to come.

Bill Ruys

Got these from BH Photo Video primarily for instrument stereo instrument miking; especially drums, so I use it for just that, and these mics gave me a wow the first time I used it. Excellent stereo imaging when used as drum overheads. I noticed a clean/clear, almost flat sounding response! no annoying frequency hype to my ears. They're small, light, compact and powerful. I should mention that the included mic clips are rugged, pretty much the best clips I've ever had/used. The included pop screens aren't as effective on reducing vocal 'plosives' as well as conventional pop filters that hook up to the mic stands. But this is not your extra versatile multi-polar pattern microphone as it is fixed Cardioid. There is also no built in Pad/attenuation. But generally, for what it is, and what it was made for, its an excellent choice- buy it!

Danodeniel, West Indies

I have used a stereo pair of RØDE NT5s for about 2 years now. I mainly use them on live choirs (15-40 voices), and one would do just as well if you don't need stereo miking. They're also excellent on drums (primarily as overheads), and Leslies. Their signal clarity is astounding. There is virtually no coloration or proximity effect with these mini-monsters.

I highly recommend these mics, but one word of caution first:

They pick EVERYTHING up! So, don't use them if you will be clicking your studio mouse mid-session!

Joshua Casey, USA

I use this mic for vocals, as well as guitar and percussion- it is a charming and great-sounding mic, all at a very affordable price. A must have!!

Danny Lundmark, Turkey

I do broadcast and video production projects. There are often times when we record local bands and there's no feed from the mixing board, or there are orchestra (big band to quartet and the like) instruments that aren't mic'ed. Using the NT5 to get great quality live sound is simply amazing. I thought we'd have to go with a much more expensive rig than this, but nope, these little puppies are amazing. I also use them individually in the studio for music work, and they are very pleasing to the ear. I love them!

Ben Balser, USA

I use these primarily as piano mics, and their range and fullness is simply amazing for small diaphragm condensers, in both studio and live applications. Very quiet, the polar pattern is good and tight, and the sound is round and transparent. You can't beat the price/quality ratio of these.

Nathanael Davenport, USA
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