the story of my short film talks about training a boxer that runs behind his dream of returning to the rings and show that it is capable of. It is a movie that demonstrates defeat at first, but is overcome by vontatade force the fighter shows. Showing that will achieve.

Behind the scenes of Motivation

The film was an idea I've been thinking since last year soon after I discovered that there was a championship that could give value to what I do because I'm young and many people do not value it, say that I only have 15 years and so I do not have capacity. But when I discovered this championship saw that I had someone who cared nothing for it, so thank RØDE and I can show my ability.
The short film "Motivation" was worked in two days of shooting.
On the first day: In the house we left 5:30 AM to some scenes in a nearby town, then immediately went back to my house where we did some scenes.
On the second day: We went to a martial arts acdemia make the boxing scenes (with the support of CHIOZZI training center).
I used some techniques of shooting I have been already learning, such as recording separate audio of past and punches on punching bags, putting half the luminaria to make like a Difussion.
I used the camera LUMIX Panasonic G7 4k, and VideoMic go of RØDE a execelente microphone for beginners and tripod Velbon. I hope you enjoy. And thank you for giving me the opportunity to mostar my ability.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material

VideoMic GO


Pedro Paulinetti - Director

Pedro Paulinetti - Editor

Adriano dos Santos - Actor

Luiz Alencar - BTS