ANDA Productions/ Michael Godfrey
A girl who is overwhelmed by the noise of everyday life runs away to find peace and quiet, only to find out that no matter where she goes, everywhere has it's own noise.

This film has no dialogue, making it very sound driven.


Behind the scenes of Goodbye

My name is Michael Godfrey, and I am a young Filmmaker from Texas.

I created this short film for my sister Lynnsey, who, at a young age was diagnosed with Severe Autism. Lynnsey has a hard time coping with noise and uses music as an escape, and I wanted to convey that through this short.

I also created this to be very sound heavy to put emphasis on how important sound is to the film industry. There is no dialogue to enhance this idea.

I hope this short film is enjoyed by everyone, and there is something for everyone to take away from it!

Please Note: Youtube Says 3:02, but the Time is 2:59. Thank you!

Verwendetes RØDE-Material


ANDA Productions/ Michael Godfrey

Michael Godfrey - Director/ Writer/ Editor/ Cinematographer/ Producer

Amy Navarro - Actress (Amy)