Matteo Iuorio, Spencer Chow, Gianluca Di tullio
our nameless main character is living alone in the forest after he was once wealthy. He had it all; money, power, friends. After one thing lead to another, he lost all of his money. He found out that he's nothing without his money. He lost all of his power and all of his friends left him. This trailer takes place four months after he got evicted. It showcases many things that he only just comes to terms with as well as himself coping with the forest in general.

Behind the scenes of Timber

Shot on a Canon T5i. Shot in mainly warm colours ex: orange, red and dark greens. Shot in 24fps when on tripod, all other shots are in 60fps.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material

Boompole Bag
VideoMic GO

Matteo Iuorio, Spencer Chow, Gianluca Di tullio

Matteo Iuorio - Writer, Director, Co-Editor, All of Pre-Production

Spencer Chow - Editor, Director, Co-Writer, Actor

Gianluca Di Tullio - Camera Operator