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A New Zealand hunter finds something a little different while hunting during stag season known as the 'Roar'

Behind the scenes of Roar

Roar was written, Directed, and filmed by Ryan Brawley in central Plateau, north island New Zealand, Filmed in the beautiful Opepe Reserve.

Every year in New Zealand a hunter is killed in the bush, this short takes a look at gun safety, with an Aim to promote safe gun use... (pun intended)

Roar was shot on a Canon 70D stabilized on a DJI Ronin, and a Canon 650D handheld.

Behind the scenes where filmed on a Gopro 3.

Roar was edited with Adobe Premiere, noise fixing and tracking was done in Adobe after effects, and sound editing done in adobe Audition by Ryan Brawley at Not For You Films.

DJI Ronin provided and utilised by High Speed Productions.

Not For You Films

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Not For You Films

Ryan Brawley - Director