Where are you?

Hey there:)
This film is about a girl who forgot a meeting with a photographer. After she received the text message from him, asking where she is, she grabbed her bike, rushed through the city and tried to get to the meeting location as fast as she could. The Photographer had a little surprise for her. He brought a friend of hers, that she hasn't seen for a long time and then she is surprised and both are happy.

Behind the scenes of Where are you?

Hey there:)
So our team basically consists of three young guys who are passionated about making films. We had a 0-dollar budget so we had to work with friends and the (diy) stuff and gear we had. We used 3 different rode miss, several dslr's, 2 glidecams, a gopro and we also had the chance to corporate with a friend who owned a drone. Sometimes we also had to use our bikes instead of a car to film a scene or just work and ask for permissions on location. But all in all we had an awesome time and it was an amazing experience!

Verwendetes RØDE-Material

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