Sorrow and despair engulf one man...
One man who thought and wished that life would be a bed of roses - who believed he had it all, only to discover the bitter truth of reality. This is his tragic tale.

Behind the scenes of Monotony

For this film, we used the RODE VideoMic and RODE SmartLav for the narration and on set recording. Music was provided by MusicBed.

We shot in 4K using the Sony AX100 camcorder and the Phantom 3 Proffesional. For lighting we used the LED Aputure Amaran with different coloured filters.

Our aim was to contrast between the uneventful life of the protagonist to the point where his life got turned upside down. We hence used varying tones of colour temperatures during the filming as well as lighting each scene differently depending on the mood.

The camera used to shoot the BTS was the Canon 700D.

This video was edited in Adobe Premiere Pro.

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Austin Wang - Director/Camera operator

Nicholas Lee - Director/Cinematographer

Keane Ong - Producer/Set designer/Sound recordist

Ryan Wee - Writer/Narrator

Kairos Koh - Actor