Her Master's Voice

Courtney - Bradford Productions
A young girl finds an old victrola in a closet. However she isn't prepared for what happens when she turns it on.

Behind the scenes of Her Master's Voice

The film is intended to focus on the audio tract. Shooting and editing the video was accomplished in a little over one day, while it took well over a week to do the soundtrack. All of the Foley work and all of the soundscape was done with a pair of Rode M5s. Other microphones were use for the voice with the most distinctive sound coming from a 60 year old Czechoslovakian Tesla crystal mic. The soundscape was made with a waterharp and a piano played backwards.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material


Courtney - Bradford Productions

David Courtney - director, cameraman, editor, music director, musician, foley artist, voiceover

Keith Bradford - writer, actor

Hannah Bradford - Actress