Zoe Moulton
During a critical outbreak of a flesh eating virus, a boy must take care of his baby brother with only hope to drive him forward.

Behind the scenes of Hope

This film was shot on a 100D DSLR camera in two locations - a shed in my Nan's garden and an old railway track. I shot in these locations as I believe they gave the best 'post apocalyptic' feel. It was difficult shooting a toddler, but I managed to keep him still by giving him pieces of bread. The radio voiceover was recorded on a rode mic attached to the DSLR. That was the only sound I recorded for the film. I edited my footage on final cut pro at college.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material

VideoMic Pro

Zoe Moulton

Rebecca Milne - voice actor

Finley Moulton - actor

Max Bransgrove - actor