After a girl is woken by a nightmare of her brother, she finds that her mirror is no longer showing her reflection, it is showing something else.

Behind the scenes of Phony

This is the second year that we have uploaded a video to the My Rode Reel contest. I looked back at our old entry recently, and was amazed by how far we've come in just a year. For that, I have to thank Filmriot, My friends and family, Fellow filmmakers, and of course, Rode. This contest has really created a huge film making community.
This film was made with my friends from school. I never would've happened without them. We used a Rode videomic for the audio, which changed everything. Audio is half of the experience, and maybe with this mic, it's more. We filmed the short with a borrowed Canon 70D. It was breathtaking.
I edited in Hitfilm 4 Pro, which allowed me to do everything; from the 3D, to sound, to Color Grading.
Huge thanks to Rode and the sponsors! Goodluck!

Verwendetes RØDE-Material



Jackson Gary - Director, Writer, Editor

Joseph Saleh - Actor, Writer

Ryan Stamper - Actor, Boom Operator

George Fashho - BTS