The Writer

Patrick Huaysan - Pandiamond Pictures
Filip, a young boy, is a character in a book written by an author who is really intense in his writing. Filip also loves writing and everything he writes becomes real... but just in his head. He is young boy who tries to create his own world. But Filip is not really popular with his classmates.

Trying to hide himself he creates the world he wants to see in his book.
But Filip is not the only person who writes so intense that it becomes real.

Behind the scenes of The Writer

We shot our Movie in 2 days. Using a Blackmagic Cinema Camera and a Rode NTG-2 into a Zoom H4N for Set-sound. The Narrator Voice we recorded with a Rode NT1-A. I composed the Music for the Movie in Cubase.
At the Post Production I edited in Premiere Pro and done some simple VFX Shots in Adobe After Effects.

We mostly shot handheld or on a tripod. For some Shots we used a Glidecam or a basic Slider. For a few Shots I added the "Jarle's Deadppol Handheld Camera Preset" to give it a more dramatic look. We did not shot in RAW because auf storage problems but next time.

I was lucky having nice friends providing me Locations to shot. We also shot outdoor in a forest and at my old school.

Hope you all like what we have created!

Verwendetes RØDE-Material


Patrick Huaysan - Pandiamond Pictures

Patrick Huaysan - Director/ Cinematographer/ Editor/ Writer

Timm Fleissgarten - Cinematographer/ Behind the Scenes

David Truong - Behind the Scenes/ Grip