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abroadlives promotes charities around the world with the aim to promote conscious traveling. We visited Nepal and met amazing people who generously shared their stories with us. We also did some great activities including the world's biggest zip line, whitewater rafting and off-road adventures. Nepal needs more tourist to explore the country as tourism is its biggest provider of jobs and income. We hope that through our documentary, people will see that Nepal is safe to visit after the earthquake, all its beauty is intact and the people are incredible!

Behind the scenes of abroadlives Nepal

Our first episode of abroadlives was produced in Nepal. We visited Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan and did some incredible activities along the Himalayan mountains for 10 days. Our team consisted of two adventurous film lovers who were tasked with the challenge to do extreme sports while filming, endure early morning rises to grab some epic sunrise time lapses and risk equipment damage as we had to cross lakes in unstable boats, fall off motorbikes while climbing steep hills and hustle in an extremely densely populated city.

Our filming style is very natural hence we placed all our interviewees in their natural locations and made use of natural lighting. None of our shots are rehearsed or acted as we wanted to show the real Nepal.

The most beautiful part of this journey was capturing the unexpected moments and having to adjust gear in instantly to get the perfect shot. Our biggest prop was Nepal and the people of Nepal who allowed us to capture their story, for the world to see.

Technical details:
1. Rode NTG4 plus
2. Zoom H5

1. 2 Canon 5D MIII
2. Osmo
3. Go Pro Hero 4 plus

1. 24-105mm f4 Canon
2. 50mm f1.4 Canon
3. 16-35mm f2.8 Canon



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emblem productions

Zelda Hyman - Producer/ Videographer

Tom Thessman - Videographer/ Editor