The Walk Of Soldiers Past

EsleyJeanMotionPictures LLC
A Civil war soldier is just looking for a night to lay his head down as he tries to make it home to his family.

Behind the scenes of The Walk Of Soldiers Past

We used A RODE NTG 3 shotgun mic and Rode blimp attached to a Sony FS 100.
We were lucky enough to have a great location.
We edited everything on Final Cut Pro X.
Behind the scenes were shot by Brad Bailey.
Editing was done by Bryan Garner. We had a tough shoot due to weather, but we weathered the storm.

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EsleyJeanMotionPictures LLC

K.Brian Nicholson - Director/ Writter

Bryan Garner - Producer/Editor/1st A.D.

D.L. Payne - Man in the Cabin

Mike Young - Soldier

Brad Bailey - Key Grip/BTS Video

Gregory Allen Gordon Jr - P.A.

Michelle Nicholson - Executive Producer