Lex Dominguez
Sometimes happiness is just a blink away.

Behind the scenes of Blink

The film was shot in Cape Town, South Africa. I had been recently working with several singer/songwriters and had several ideas around having them act in a short film. When the opportunity for MyRodeReel came up, Landi and Jonny quickly agreed to help me with the project.

So in the end, it was a crew of Jonny had helped with audio during the office scenes but the rest of the time I used stands to help with mic positioning. The video was captured with the Canon C100mkii and audio was captured with a Rode VideoMic Pro, NT1 and NT5. Recording of the audio was split between the camera and a Zoom H5. For the walking scenes, I flew the c100mkii in a DJI Ronin-M. Oh, and if you recognize the Vinyl shop, it's because if appeared in the documentary "Searching for Sugarman."

Verwendetes RØDE-Material

VideoMic Pro

Lex Dominguez

Lex Dominguez - Director/DOP/Audio/Editor

Landi Lu - Actor/Musician/Producer

Jonny Luck - Actor/Musician/Producer