The Mouse

Tutaari Talkies
Following a quarrel with Sam, Ayesha reveals a weird feeling of being followed by a mouse all the time.

Behind the scenes of The Mouse

Making The Mouse possible was quite a challenging experience.
Most of our crew/team is from Mumbai's various suburbs, while some of it from Pune.
We had to shoot in Mumbai due to time and location constraints.
Shooting there was a tough task, considering the compact sizes Mumbai homes.
It required for us to shoot with tight angles/close ups.
We shot "The Mouse" with Canon 700D and 50mm prime lenses combined with a compact DSLR shoulder rig.
We used Rode video mic to record Foley sound effects and for crisp in camera real time sound.
For post-production, we used the free yet powerful tool, Hitfilm 4 Express on Apple Macbook Pro.
The whole process took us 3 weeks, including planning, production, and post-production.

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Tutaari Talkies

Sandeep Deshpande - Story writer & Editor

Kaushal Kavekar - Screenplay , Dialogues & DOP

ShambhuPrasad Bhosale - Director

Aadesh Salekar - Associate Director

Rakesh Pawar - Assistant Director

Manoj Salunke - Assistant Director

Siddhesh jambukar - Assistant Director

Amit Bobhate - Executive Producer

Dhaval Dhulandare - Promotions

Shree Shinde - Cast as Doctor

Sayli Zurale - Cast as Ayesha

Yogeshwar Rachha - Cast as Sam