Isolation Island

Karman Line Media
On a mysterious island deep in the Canadian wilderness. Many have visited the island but recent disappearances have brought the FBI to investigate. This island has a history and the locals seem to know something but what?

Behind the scenes of Isolation Island

Filming: For the main picture, we used a 5dMk3 running Magic Lantern to get a full dynamic range and to shoot in RAW. DJI Ronin M was used with a Redrock Mico Follow Focus with finger wheel so a solo operator could pull focus. Atomos Ninja Assassin was used as a field monitor.

Post Production: MLV Viewer was used to convert the MLV files to DNG sequences. The edit was done in Adobe Premier CC with the DNG sequences along with After Effects for VFX and Audition for audio work and further foley and clean up. Color grade was done in Resolve and we used a Canon LOG profile node to get an excellent base flat image from our RAW DNG sequence. We used a Kodak 400 FDE film scan process to get our final look.

Audio was handled using RodeLinks working with the fantastic pre-amps on the Zoom F8. Boom audio from the NTG4+ was amazing but on the boat especially having the LAVs to add into the mix helped to control the levels. Same for the Island with the underfoot leaves from everyone having options was great.

On camera audio was used to provide an easier way to sync in post. PluralEyes had issues with the DNG sequences, so we used it to identify what files from the zoom were the correct ones to match with the camera audio WAV and then let Premiere line it up and then relinked everything. Anything else you want to know feel free to reach out as we are glad to share any workflows we may have uncovered.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material

Boompole Pro
RØDELink Filmmaker Kit

Karman Line Media

Christian Lappin - Script, Director, Camera Operator, VFX, Editing, Sound Design, Foley, Mixing

Jared R. - Wireless Audio and Boom Operator

Brian D. - Wireless Audio and Boom Operator - Island

Laurie V. - Script Supervisor

Lisa G. - Look Development, Wardrobe

Dan G - 2nd Boom Operator - Island

Lauren P. - FBI Special Agent Adams

Robert O. - Hunter / Tracker

Greg M - Island Native