Take Out

A couple order take out, but the delivery boy brings something completely unexpected, and it isn't the food.

Behind the scenes of Take Out

We filmed with a Canon 6d and a canon 50 mm 1.8 lens and recorded sound with a Rode Video Mic Pro. The mic was particularly crucial for our film, because there were some sounds in the background from the surrounding neighborhood that would have made it hard to focus in on the characters voices without the Video Pro mic. Most of the shots were filmed on a monopod and those that were not, were filmed hand held. The majority of the shots were filmed at one of our houses in Maryland, USA. The exterior shots of the delivery boy exiting the pizza restaurant were filmed at a local shopping strip in Maryland and the scenes in the car were filmed throughout the drive from the pizza place to the house. The entire film was shot in 3 hours in the afternoon. We came up with the idea by playing hats and picking characters, props, genres, etc. out of a hat as we have seen done with other film competitions like 48 Hour Film Project that we have participated in. The script was reworked multiple times, but did not take more than a few days total to write and finalize.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material

VideoMic Pro