Nico Strik
Either you have nothing or everything right? Or is it possible to have nothing and everything at the same time?
Dave, a homeless guy with very limited resources, shows you how hard his daily routine is, but he has something that makes it everything worth it.

Behind the scenes of Everything

This film was made with a very small budget, just with a Panasonic Lumix G6, a Rode videomic PRO, a steadycam flycam nano 3000 and a tripode.
It was shot in three different days in the city Leiden, the netherlands and Warmond, also the Netherlands.
First day of shoot was about 70% of the film and was done in Leiden, then the second day was for the end scene under a bridge in Warmond and the third day was for some fixes (e.g. continuity errors)
I recruited a little crew of some friends to make this film. It was a lot of fun and everyone did a great job!

Verwendetes RØDE-Material

VideoMic Pro

Nico Strik

Nico Strik - Writer, director, producer, cameraman, editor

Peet Hoffmanns - Main Actor

Tobias Koster - Actor

Rutger Loof - Actor

Lara Sluyter - Make up

Job Karstens - Behind the scenes cameraman