Kalynda Films
Kalynda Films is a student-based organisation which was founded to create short films, across a range of different topics. Currently, Kalynda Films has worked to produce a range of different films which has been produced for the RODE Reel Competition. Being based in Australia, filmmaking is often overlooked as a career . Being able to break through that barrier and to assemble a team to film and to tell unheard stories, is truly amazing. This film taps into the world of Jess's past with beginning of an end.

Behind the scenes of Murdered

The filming process really took off when most of our school work started rushing in, so the whole team had to find every spare second they have to put this together. The aim of entering in this competition is to get better at filmmaking, We tried a lot of cross-cutting and cutting on action. Also, the sound mixing was taken to another level in the short because the sound reaches a layer of depth when you almost experience what the character are experiencing.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material

VideoMic GO

Kalynda Films

Wing Hong Leung - Director, Screen writer, cinematographer, cameramen, editor,sound mixer

Ethan Cooke - Boom operator, BTS, Owner of camera

Casey O'Rourke - Cast

Hamish Lyall - Provider of equipment, law and finance

Siahna Cottam - Production Assistant ( day 1), head of make up

Nathan Hammond - Production Assistant ( day 2), Cameramen ( day 2), Slate

Callie Campbell - Cast

Zach Byrnes - Lighting, cast, BTS

Brandon Taylor - BTS, car owner