Ryan Rust / 321Blink
A famous Detective is out to find a man known as the High Roller. After a drug bust went south, the High Roller took something very precious of his. And he will do anything to get her back.

Behind the scenes of Cobra

We used the URSA Mini 4.6k for our camera of choice for the short film. Lighting was a very large use in our film. Luckily our location had cinematic lighting built into the night club. We used a set of the Schneider Xenon lenses to capture everything as well as some Canon lenses. We used both the Rode NTG3 for on set Audio as well as in Post-production. The Rode VideoMicro was used on our BTS cameras to record high quality audio. The main technique of the film was the use of creative lighting to tell the story of both characters. In reference the red colors for the villain and the blue for our hero. In Post-production we used Adobe Creative Cloud for everything. Sound Design and Music was key to the flow of the film for us.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material


Ryan Rust / 321Blink

Ryan Rust - Director/Editor/Sound Design

Ethan Mansberger - Co-Director/VFX Artist

Zakk Heaps - Producer

Tripp Clarke - Executive Producer

Tim McLaughlin - Executive Producer