For you, Zoe.

910 Film Crew
There comes a point in life where you have to make a choice. A choice between living and existing. In the face of certain death, the two friends must decide between what makes sense and what they've always wanted to do.

Behind the scenes of For you, Zoe.

The location was all we could've ever asked for. Beaus Coffee employs people with special needs giving them an opportunity that they are denied most of the time. Since it closes at 5 and doesn't open until 8 it was perfect to have ample time to set up and get what we needed. The rode link kit was our go to for our main talent microphone. The NTG2 served as a great on camera mic when it came to post. All in all, for my first jump into narrative, it was quite an adventure.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material

RØDELink Filmmaker Kit

910 Film Crew

Caleb Kuhne - Writer/Director/Editor

Trahern MacLean - Grip

Matt Berry - Grip/PA