Qui Est-Elle?

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A faithful, traditional fiancé must choose whether to accept what her faith had in store for her, or not.

Behind the scenes of Qui Est-Elle?

Shot on location in London, England - in the areas around Baker Street and Central London. It was awesome to film in a foreign country, and as a low-key guerrilla-style filmmaking crew!

Thanks to the Rode Smartlav+, we were able to shoot without attracting much attention, and sound was very clean! Shooting with large equipment just didn't make sense for our shoot, and the Smartlav+ helped us to achieve our goals quickly, quietly and noise-free.

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Talent on Reels

Ryan Blitzer - Director

Sara Jendrusch - Producer / Actress

Gillian Rae Perry - Composer

Ferris Shaheen - Post-Sound

Geoffrey Short - Actor / Boom Operator

Jacquie Elias - Behind-the-Scenes / Boom Operator