Numbers Up

Shawn D/ Shawn D Films
Nick and Ciara are a struggling, young married couple. Both are desperate to make money. Ciara buys a lottery ticket, but Nick takes on a different approach.

Behind the scenes of Numbers Up

This film was shot in my home town, in Desoto TX. We shot the Canon T3i. We recorded the audio with the NTG2 and Blimp 2. All audio was recorded with the tascam 60d mark ii.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material


Shawn D/ Shawn D Films

Ethan Hodges - Boom Operator

Toni Byrd - Ciara

Traa Strong - Nick

James Triplet - Dre Biggz

Chase Brooks - Chase

Lawrence Patterson - J.B.

Shawn D - Director, Producer, and Writer