Day 100

Archangel Film Productions
In a post apocalyptic world, Connor has survived for the past 100 days just barely getting by. But right when he thinks he has found some shelter, he quickly remembers that the world around him will never be safe.

Behind the scenes of Day 100

Here is the behind the scenes for the short film "Day 100" for My Rode Reel contest. We used a Rode VideoMic Go for this project. We had a lot of fun on set and it was a quick shoot this time around compared to last years project. We just had two of us for this one and we used one of our personal homes to portray the scene once again.We used our narration technique again for this short. We also used an iPhone 6 for the film and a Canon Rebel T4i for the BTS.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material

VideoMic GO

Archangel Film Productions

Adam Amore - Director