Hey Susan - Episode 3 "Rejects"

Tyler Stefanelli
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Behind the scenes of Hey Susan - Episode 3 "Rejects"

We had a multicam shoot, with no script, 3 improv actors, one director who doesnt act, and a bunch of extras, with 2 days to shoot. What could go wrong?

Verwendetes RØDE-Material


Tyler Stefanelli

Tyler Stefanelli - Director, Editor, Actor (Ned)

Steele Rutherford - Cameras, Editor, Sound

Megan Kastner - Production Assistant

Kyle Anderson, Jacob Borja, and Spike Kittrell - Writers

Danny Hall - Actress (Nicole)

Ocean Valeriano - Muscle Man

Steele Rutherford - Blind Man

Samuel Elbaz - Deaf Man

TJ - Young Boy

Jessica Pluto - Japanese Applicant

Adam Gallardo - Boss Murderer