The Politician

Pavel Supanenka / Carrot Studio
The politician was kidnapped.
An inquisitive journalist is trying to determine by whom it was organized and what were the motives of an offender.

Behind the scenes of The Politician

This is behind the scenes of "The Politician" movie.

For video in our movie we used Pentax K-30 DSLR camera with Samyang T1.5 24mm cine lense, however most of behind the scenes videos were shot with Xiaomi MI4C and iPhone 4S mobile phones.

For sound we had the followingl Røde gear: NTG3 microphone, Micro Boompole, WS7 Deluxe Windshield, WSVM Kit Windshield, SM4 Shotgun Shock Mount. For sound registering we used Zoom H6 recorder.

For image stabilization the following tools were used: Glidecam HD2000, tripod Camrock. Several scenes were shot using Genesis Gear Slider B-Slide 120 II.

Video was edited in Adobe After Effects CC 2014.
Sound was edited in Adobe Auditions CC 2014.

Car: Opel Manta A 1972


Advocate Office:

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Verwendetes RØDE-Material

Micro Boompole

Pavel Supanenka / Carrot Studio

Pavel Supanenka - Scenario, Director, Camera, Editing

Tomasz Karmowski - Sound on Set, Boom Operator

Paulo Fernandes - Actor, Boom Operator

Patryk Widz - Actor

D?o Drømne - Actress

Agata Zatorska - Behind-the-scenes video, set assistant

Gleb Piatikow - Set assistant