Black Cat

Isolation Films
How far would you go to find the truth? Two friends decide to investigate a local myth that a panther roams the south England countryside... but not everything is as it seems, and sometimes the truth is worse than the legend.

Behind the scenes of Black Cat

For this film we used the original Blackmagic Cinema Camera, along with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera as our main cameras.

For sound we used the Rode Videomic Pro attached either to camera or on a makeshift boom-pole, connected to a Zoom H6, and sometimes we also used a Rode Lavalier.

We shot around local areas, all places both the director and his friends grew up. This was very much a nostalgia piece, trying to capture the area they knew so well in a different light.

This is our first feature project, and to start off we decided to shoot a trailer as a proof of concept. We hope that if enough people are interested, we can then aim to make the full film. With this in mind we tried you use as many cinematic looking techniques as possible, even with no budget we wanted to give an idea of where this project could go, and how high we are aiming.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material

VideoMic Pro

Isolation Films

William Allum - Director, Producer, Actor, Camera, Sound, Editor & VFX

Sarah Parker - Actor

Dale Ash - Actor

Geoffrey Allum - Actor

George Dyre - Actor, Camera & Sound

Darren Page - Music

Nathaniel Imber - Camera & Sound

Michael Walker - Camera & Sound