2117 Productions
A beatboxer from the city, who is constantly drowned by the sounds around him, seeks a place of refuge, a place of peace and quite admist the noisy concrete jungle. He escapes the compact and pressure of the city on the ground by chasing rooftops where he is able to beat box in peace. The once noisy and ever busy city from the ground now seems so different way up on the rooftops that it now inspires him to do the thing that helps him express and love most, beat boxing.

Behind the scenes of ABOVE THE NOISE

We mainly shot most of the scenes in the city of Kuala Lumpur (KL) from the streets to a helicopter pad on a building rooftop. The first minute of the short film were shot in subway train stations and also in trains. There were tonnes of obstacles shooting in and off the train such as timing, the stability of the shots while in the train and dealing with the public crowd but we were able to pull it through with time and patience. The second act shots were done in the city streets whereby we used a mix of shoulder rigs and the DJI Ronin M. The hardest shot was the final scene on the rooftop as wind was a hard element to overcome for the audio recording process, which we use a wireless lavalier setup to record the beatboxing as a reference, but later on we layered the final sequence with a studio recording. Most, if not all of the foleys and street ambience were captured by the Rode VideoMic with a Zoom H1. Our main camera was a Sony A7s, with we paired with Canon prime lenses and they proved valuable to the production as it helped us with coping with the low-light conditions and allowed us to film without additional lighting setups.

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2117 Productions

Nicholas Chin Wai Choong - Director, Editor, Cinematographer

Soo Wei Wen - Scriptwriter, Producer, Sound Design

Skaiste Kazragyte - Production Assistant

Lau Soong Huey - Actor, Beatboxer