Health & Safety

Nick tries to seduce Cora, the admin assistant. In doing so there is a turn of events and he quickly finds himself in need of a hand. Nick's colleagues try their best to save his life but first they need to follow health and safety procedures.

Behind the scenes of Health & Safety

We are a team of friends fresh out of film school. We decided last minute to get together and make an entry for this competition. We were sitting in a car and were thinking of the most ridiculous ideas; soon enough they came into fruition. For location audio we used the Rode NTG2 shotgun mic along with the a rode link kit. We had maximum control of the location which allowed us to move at a cruisy pace; working together and having fun.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material

RØDELink Filmmaker Kit


Florian Rodriguez - 1st Assistant Director

Arneth Murania - Director of Photography - Camera Operator - Editor

Terri Tuhaka - 1st Assistant Camera

Luke Maddren - Sound Recordist

Daniel Read - Boom Operator

Tiffany Mann - Special Effects

Te Huamanuka Apirana - Production Assistant

Liam Martin - Production Assistant

Timothy Phimester - Behind The Scenes

Rory O'Sullivan - Writer/Director/Producer