Living Proof

Operation Maelstrom
What happens when you're broke and willing to accept anyone as a room mate?

Behind the scenes of Living Proof

This film was shot over the course of 3 nights in two months at the home of the NJ Knight. It was the first time that we'd moved to an NTG2 so it was a bit of a learning experience coming off the videomic's from last years competition, which now serve as backup audio. That backup was used for the Pizza Scene. All of the scenes were shot using a Canon T5i with a 35mm Rokinon Cinema Lens.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material


Operation Maelstrom

KVD - Himself/Producer/Editor

NJ Knight - Himself/Director

Turbo - Himself/Director of Photography

Pez - Himself/Sound Designer

Hodge - Composer