Filmmakers Guild of Odessa
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Behind the scenes of Pianist

We used RODE blimp and mics to record production sound straight into camera (RED Scarlet-X with vintage PL LOMO lenses), and an NT3 for studio recording of some sound effects.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material

Micro Boompole Pro

Filmmakers Guild of Odessa

Alexey Yalynskiy - cast

Anastasiya Gedrovych - screenwriters

Mikhail Sorvachev - screenwriters

Mikhail Sorvachev - director

Dmitriy Bogach - cameraman

Nikolay Bulavskiy - gaffer

Alexandr Samson - sound director

Max Miklin - editor

Alexandr Chernov - color grading

Alexey Yalynskiy - composer

Kateryna Svidyuk - casting manager

Svetlana Rachkova - makeup artist

Igor Ryabchuk - cameraman assistants

Iryna Mokritska - cameraman assistants

Alexey Antaschuck - director assistant

Kateryna Svidyuk - sound director assistant

Ernest Severin - sound director assistant

Viktor Slasnyi - best boy grip

Galyna Deryabina - property man

Anastasiya Gedrovych - executive producer

Mikhail Sorvachev - director of photography