Furry Canoe
A 36-year old unemployed man w/ a severe case of Tourette's Syndrome, living in his mom's basement, playing video games all day long and no love life in sight. With the help of his friends, he is determined to change all that by pursuing his dream in the entertainment business and becoming the man he was born to be.

Behind the scenes of Ralphy

We are really gorilla style filmmakers. We are constantly jumping from one place to another so we need our gear to be as flexiable as us. This being our first hand at shooting a documentary we knew the audio was more important than the visual; which is why we used all Rode mics. Such as, the NTG 3, Rode Mic Pro, Rode Go Mic, Rode blimp, Rode Deadcat, Rode Boom pole and Rode Lav.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material

DeadCat GO

Furry Canoe

Nick Faldstein - Director