Of Battles Lost

Klassic Films
The effects of depression are real and severe. This film looks at a man whose heartache leads him down a dark and unforgiving path.

Behind the scenes of Of Battles Lost

Of Battles lost was planned, shot, and edited within a three week time frame. The entire video was shot using a Pentax K3. This is by no means a video camera but I made the best of it. For audio I used an older Rode Stereo Video Mic, it was a great mic for capturing background noise, however we had to work very hard to capture crisp and clean audio for the narrative. The film was shot using a 50mm f/1.4 manual lens, which I inherited from my Grandfather. I used a glidecam for the majority of the shots, however the bottom plate was bent, so a completely stable shot was out of my reach. I borrowed lots of the equipment used in this film, and the learning curve was very steep. The entire film was edited in Photoshop. It had a little bit more control than iMovie, although it was definitely a struggle to get the clips edited.

This was my first attempt at filming a short film, and I definitely learned a lot in the process.

Depression is a very serious topic, and both Me and Matt have had friends suffer from it, and have lost friends to suicide. It is a subject that is rarely discussed, and part of the premise for this film was to raise awareness for the mental illness, and to get people talking about it.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material

Stereo VideoMic

Klassic Films

Andrew Klassen - Producer / Filmer / DP / Writer

Matt Langenegger - Actor / Co - Writer

Olivia Down - Actress