Before I Go

Ramon Samson
A recently deceased father tries to leave one last message for his son before he has to move on to the afterlife.

Behind the scenes of Before I Go

We shot on the Canon C100 Mk2, outputting to an Atomos Ninja so that we had room to push the image in the edit.

For audio, we needed microphones that would capture clean, crisp audio given the dialogue-heavy nature of the script and the Rode NTG3 and RodeLink microphones were more than up for the job, as they were able to produce rich-sounding dialog whilst cutting out the background noise that was coming from the outside neighbourhood and onto our set.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material

RØDELink Filmmaker Kit

Ramon Samson

Ramon Samson - Writer / Director / Editor

Oliver Brighton - Producer / Sound Recordist / Sound Designer

Zac Hardaker - Cinematographer

Emma Elias - Camera Operator

Lizzie Dingle - Production Designer

Gavin Davis - BTS

Linus Gibson - First Assistant Director

Oli Cameron - Composer