New Measure Media
A man finds himself in a cut-throat game of cat and mouse with an unknown intruder in his own home. But what is the trespasser after?

Behind the scenes of Intruder

"Intruder" was shot over the course of two nights on the Canon C100 mark II with the Atomos Ninja 2 HD recorder. Foley sounds were captured with the Rode Video Micro and Zoom H5. Interview and BTS footage was captured using the Canon Rebel T3i and T5i with the Rode VideoMicro for direct audio.

"Intruder" features no native camera audio, every audio track was recorded or licensed and mixed in individually to help create the ambiance the production team wanted for the film.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material

Micro Boompole Pro

New Measure Media

Nick Clark - Producer/Director of Photography

Chris Clark - Writer/Director

Kyle Matz - Second Unit Director