Beer Run

Vince Emerson Media and Four Eyed Focus
An architect and a journalist form an unlikely alliance when they discover a mysterious clue lurking deep beneath the city.

Behind the scenes of Beer Run

The film took 3 days to shoot over the span of 2 weeks. We had to adapt around each others schedules and other challenges.

"Film noir" is the film-making style chosen for the project. The writing style takes inspiration from old adventure serials and is loosely based on a real local legend.

We used official RØDE gear for all of our sound capturing needs.

The project was a collaborative effort and the end result has left us feeling accomplished. We wanted to create something and have succeeded in doing so.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material

VideoMic GO

Vince Emerson Media and Four Eyed Focus

James Hardiment - Actor/Director/Writer

Caroline Uwamahoro - Actor

Nikonas Davis - Director of Photography/Storyboard Artist/Boom Mic Operator

Rathana Pen - Lead Camera Operator/BTS Editor

Moe Malik - Assistant Camera Operator/Editor

Majeeda Khan - Make-up Artist

Mensan Laté - Costume Consultant