My Friend The Devil

Craig Bass
A ragtag group of friends and I teamed up for this year's RODE Microphone "My Rode Reel" competition. My medium of choice is typically music videos, and I was intrigued by the challenge of creating a music video that required the use of sound on set. We took this to the extreme, employing the phenomenal NTG-3 to capture a symphony of DIY instruments played by a tortured, love-stricken vampire.

Behind the scenes of My Friend The Devil

My Friend the Devil is an original composition by Chris Bongat--never before recorded. To capture the impressive audio in this piece we relied exclusively on the Rode NTG-3 microphone. This fared exceptionally well, especially considering that we were recording in a massive, empty space. All footage was captured via a trio of Sony FS100's, outfitted with Canon glass.

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Craig Bass

Craig Bass - Writer / Director / Editor