Quest for Pizza

Monika Baltrunaite
Geir is a gamer that has to go to the store. He is bound to go out if he really wants some pizza, but will he be able to do it or will he just order it?

Behind the scenes of Quest for Pizza

We filmed with Canon Eos 700D and used NTG1 for sound. Filming took 2 days, next day we took up all the sounds and started editing. Editing took about 3 - 4 days. After hours with Premiere Pro, After effects and Audition we are finally done and present you our short film ''Quest for Pizza''. Hope you enjoy it! :)

Verwendetes RØDE-Material


Monika Baltrunaite

Monika Baltrunaite - Script, director, DoP, sound design and editor

Aleksander Haugdal - Director assistant, recordist / sound design, editor, actor, lighting and vfx

Hans Christian - Actor and recordist

Andrine Haugdal - Behind The Scenes Camera

Tone Haugdal - Actor