Shao Mai

Nabil Lam
When sharing their favorite 'Shao Mai' dumplings at a local Dim Sum restaurant, they discover something utterly bizarre with their dish.

Behind the scenes of Shao Mai

I wanted to make a film about how we focus so much on our digital devices and social media nowadays that sometimes we forget about the physical world and the people we're with in person.

The location I chose to shoot this short was at a local restaurant. I thought it could be a great opportunity to show a bit of Hong Kong's culture.

The title of this short film is called Shao Mai, which is a really popular traditional dim sum dish in China. It is used as the main prop in this piece. If we break this word into two individual characters, 'Shao' actually means 'to burn' and 'Mai' means 'to sell’. Discover the relationship of these two characters and how it relates to the plot as you watch. I love creating stories that leaves the audience thinking even after the film.

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Nabil Lam

Nabil Lam - Director

Jason Chan - Story