how we getting isolated from the society to a man made virtual reality

Behind the scenes of swipe

This short film was shot with an Iphone 6s+, with a moondoglabs anamorphic lense.
we shot this entire film in a single day which was both challenging and fun shooting for it. And we did its post productions the next day.
Our idea was to make something on low budget and within a short period of time but at the same time will convey a bigger message to the audience.
Road Reel is always an inspiration for evey new comers to follow their dreams. This competition really gave us the platform to bring out what we believe is our strengths and
motivated us to make our dreams happen.

List of Iteams Used

Iphone 6s +
Rode Video Micro
Rode NTG2
Moondog labs Anamorphic lens
Moondog labs 17mm Adapter
FilimicPro App
GlideCam XR-4000
Adobe creative suite
Location :Jersey City NJ

Verwendetes RØDE-Material



praveen Prasanthan - Director ,story & cinematography

Jayasanker Karakulam - Editing VFX Sound Mixing

Hari Dev (kumar) - Actor

Aditi Mantri - Actor

Monisha Anirudhan (VR) - Actor

Sidharth Chari(VR) - Actor

Joseph D Tharaken - Script doctoring