Back to hell

A girl is studying Latin, when her power suddenly goes out. She lights some candles and continues to speak Latin, and through this summons a demon. Will the demon succeed in trying to get her attention, and get back to hell?

Behind the scenes of Back to hell

We filmed in a bedroom mainly, playing around with blue Christmas lights so the night time scenes would be properly lit. We used 3x DSLR cameras and then 2x camcorders for our behind the scene content. Back to He'll was edited in premiere.

(Audio is a bit iffy because we didnt record it well and i tried to boost it which turned out fine when played through my laptop speakers but not so fine with everyone else's speakers)

Verwendetes RØDE-Material

VideoMic Pro


Samantha Robertson - Director, Writer, Cinematography, Editor

Elizabeth Neill - Assistant Director, Writer, Cinematography

Brittany Earl - Assistant Director, Writer Cinematography (Main)

Seigan Hayashi - Writer, Boom Operator

Gabby Sanders - Actor

Hugh Hendrikz - Actor