WolfKing Studios
After a nuclear apocalypse wipes clean most of the earth's population, three survivors band together to try to beat the odds and make it to the Philadelphia safe-zone. Mason (Kevin Burns) and Kinzie (Liz Jenkins) lead the way as Ben (Jonas Fuller) turns to drugs as an escape from their hellish reality. However, as his demons come to confront him, he runs the risk of losing his friends as well as himsel

Behind the scenes of Demons

Demons was shot in 1 Day, the hottest day in April. Demons was shot on a Canon Eos M with the stock f/2 35 Prime lens. Audio was Recorded with Rode NTG1 and zoom H4n. Steadycam rig. BTS was recorded on canon t5 and a Flipcam when the t5 ran out of batteries, BTS audio was record with a rode Vidmic.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material


WolfKing Studios

Iolaus Trowbridge - Producer, Director, Writer, Editor, DP

William "Marmite" Farnelli - Co-Writer, Demon

Shanice Warner - Executive Producer, Storyboard Artist, Costume Designer, 2nd AC

Jonas Fuller - Ben, Co-Producer

Liz Jenkins - Kenzie

Kevin Burns - Mason

Isabel Comly - Assist. Director

Reilly Shingler - 1st AC

Tadzi Trowbridge - Boom Op

Crutis Webber - Smoke Demon

Travis Tewksbury - Great Demon

Trish Trowbridge - Catering

Angel Trowbridge - Production Assist.

Troy Rought - BTS Cam Op