Mano a Mano

Philipp Andonie
The competition is huge. Over one hundred applications were sent in for the job and now there are only two candidates left. After coming this far, Ben is really eager to finally break the streak of bad luck that has been haunting him for over a year now. He really needs this job, so everything must be perfect for the final interview. There is no room for mistakes and most certainly not for bad breath!

Behind the scenes of Mano a Mano

Mano a Mano was shot in Bern, Switzerland. We used two Canon C100 cameras (the A Camera recording to a Atomos Ninja Blade, B camera to a Atomos Ninja Star, both in ProRes HQ) with matching Canon still zooms and primes. Audio was recorded with two Røde Lavaliers and one Røde NTG4+ which all fed into a Zoom H6. Postproduction was entirely done in Adobe Creative Cloud, the only plugins used were Neat Video and FilmConvert. And of course we used PluralEyes for synchronization.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material