Donald / Guate-team
Schellenger city best detective and the best Hitman fight for their lives and the rancor of a past murderer, but they are just to realize the reality in between.

Behind the scenes of Backfire

To be able to produce ¨Backfire¨ we had to use the Rode boom pole PRO for the boom and Rode Mic for the ADR and the audio in the BTS. We had a great challenge trying to find a place which feet the set because we wanted to recreate a 70´s detective office and in Guatemala that is hard to find. We shoot in Guatemala city and basically made the set from scratch in a room we got of a friend´s house. We wanted to do a Cinema Noar technique because we think is the one who best suit with the Story.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material

Boompole Pro

Donald / Guate-team

Donald Guerra - Co-Director

Steven De Puy - Co-Director

Carlos Lux - Asistant Director

Romeo López - DP

Daniel Arriola - Asistant DP

Hugo Koper - Sound Director

Diego Venegas - Music Director

Steven De Puy - Actor No.1 / John Detective

Marcel Barascout - Actor No. 2 / Hitman

Fernando Martínez - Actor No. 3 / Richar Detective partner

Adriana Lamuño - Hitman Daughter

Jose Castro - BTS Camera

Donald Guerra - Production

Donald Guerra - Art Director

Steven De Puy - Post Producing