528 Evenings Media
As DEA agent turned undercover detective Tony Hoxford looks deeper into the Abyss he knows he must come clean to Maryna Checkova, who's parents he killed. In a bid to end his life and right his sins he goes to Maryna leaving the ultimate choice in her hands.

Behind the scenes of Abyss

Making rain on a clear night is a hard task. Same with getting clear audio, but with a sprinkler, a BMPCC, 7D, GH3, A Ghetto Boom Pole and a RODE NTG2 we were able to make it happen.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material


528 Evenings Media

Wes Beiko - Director, DoP, Editor, Soundmixer, Writer.

Chris Taylor - Co-Director, Boom Op, Writer

Josh Koshman - Male Lead: Tony Hoxford

Teagan Amsterdam - Female Lead: Maryna Checkova

Tristen Hetherington - BTS Cam, PA.