Good Question

Solipsis Studios
Maslow created a theory that all humans need to fulfill basic life needs in order to become fully happy and "human." After fulfilling these needs, one will be able to transcend into a new light, being the very best they can be. Will we be able to overcome the grueling depths of our mundane lives, or will we be trapped on the other side?

Behind the scenes of Good Question

Our short film referred to Maslow's Theory, a theory that describes human needs and how someone finally becomes human after fulfilling those needs. We shot this film inside an old house that was lacking the necessary maintenance of a typical home. Some of the gear used was our Canon C100 mk 2, rode ntg2, rode video mic, DJI Osmo, Canon T5i, and much more! We really pushed for a complex story line that can be subjective with the help of sound design and music to set the mood of the film.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material


Solipsis Studios

Mark DiMattei - Writer/Editor/Director

Sebastian Sagastume - Editor/Director

Victor Pereira - Writer/Editor/Director

Frank Iovine - Sound Design/Music

Eugene Iovine - Sound Design/Music

Jordan Boyd - BTS

Paul Arciero - Actor