Pay Me

Jacob Puiras & Matti Haapoja
After their father's have died two young mobsters have business to settle.

Behind the scenes of Pay Me

A story about young men, power, and acting like children, Pay Me was made with a team of incredibly talented creatives. We filmed on the C300 MKII using just 1 LED panel light from Aputure. We used a SmallHD 502 for monitoring and sound was recorded with a Rode NTG3. Editing in Adobe premiere pro and color graded in After Effects.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material

VideoMic Pro

Jacob Puiras & Matti Haapoja

Jacob Puiras - Director/Writer

Matti Haapoja - DOP/Editor/Colorist

Luc Trottier - Lead Actor

Tom Davis - Lead Actor

Nate Shelton - Supporting Actor

Gavin Bowerman - Supporting Actor

Shane J Gramlich - Supporting Actor

Benjamin Kemppainen - Sound Recordist

Sean Story - Sound Mixing