Ricochet, A bullet for a dead man

Pablo Roldan lopez
A dying outlaw a doctor held against his will.
Two dead men walking, two man waiting for the impact of the bullet of FATE.

Behind the scenes of Ricochet, A bullet for a dead man

We are the only ones in Chile who make western shortfilms. The location is owned by a fan of the history of cowboys named John Crass, he gave us his small western bar which we modify to build our bedroom set. We used a NTG2 with boom pole with a dead cat mostly in the external location. The camera is a sony a7sMArkII which we use primarily on a Ronin M Gymbal.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material


Pablo Roldan lopez

Pablo Roldan Lopez - Director

Pablo Roldan Lopez - Writer

Pablo Roldan Lopez - Producer

Sebastián Palacios - Associate Producer

Gianfranco Saez - Camera

Gianfranco Saez - DP

Carlos Díaz - Field Sound Recording

Nicolas Iaconis IV - Sound and Music

Pablo Roldan Lopez - VFX and Editing

Pablo Roldan Lopez - Color Correction

Sebastian Palacios - "Parker, the outlaw"

Koke Santa Ana - "Burton, the Doctor"