Lauritz Raisch
In a dystopia world, four friends are faced with a violent and racist „System“. A difficult decision has to be made to save them all.

Behind the scenes of REVOLUTION 4.0

The whole production took place over the course of 3 Days at several diffrent locations in bavaria, Germany.

This film was shot on the GH4. The sound was recorded on the NTG 3, Rode Video Mic and Zoom H6. Edited in Premiere Pro CC. Effects in After Effects CC. Graded with Davinci Resolve 12.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material


Lauritz Raisch

Lauritz Raisch - producer, cinematographer, editor, grading, vfx

Daniel Kiermeier - director, vfx

Florian Lederer - assistant camera, bts-camera

Nicole Gernhardt - costume designer

Ilme Raisch - production sound mixer

Florian Kiermeier - boom operator

Lennart Bloch - sound designer

Viktoria Kiermeier - production design

Lorenza Stahl - translation, creative assistance

Christian Bauer - sfx

Marcel Kowalewski - Tobi

Daniel Wittmann - Levin

Marie-Therese Brändle - Klara

Ariya Robat Mili - Mark

Andreas Pralla - homeland security

Florian Kiermeier - homeland security assistant black

Christian Bauer - homeland security assistant white

Julia Monique Neviandt - female voice

Frank Miltner - male voice