Definitely not a RØDE Advertisement

David finds a studio full of RØDE products, but there's a little twist in who he actually is!

Behind the scenes of Definitely not a RØDE Advertisement

I shot the video with a Panasonic GH4 and Voigtlander 17.5mm on a Beholder DS1 gimbal.
Lighting with an Aputure H198 and H672s LED panel.
Audio of course by the RØDE NTG3, Videomic Pro, NT2A, and Lavalier.

I did have to exaggerate the built-in camera audio a little in comparison to the Videomic Pro since I wasn't able to use it in ideal scenarios! The RØDE Videomic Pro would usually allow you to lower the gain on the camera, but I needed to leave the gain up to use in the beginning. Since this was one long take, I wasn't able to stop the recording to lower the gain in camera when attaching the Videomic Pro.
This was one of the trickier parts too because I couldn't place the Videomic Pro on the camera since it would throw off the balance of the gimbal! I ended up using a make-shift dual handle rig which I mounted the Aputure H198 onto as well as a cold shoe for the Videomic Pro to slide in.

The video really was shot and edited within 2 days! It actually took around 40 takes to get the right one.

Verwendetes RØDE-Material


Christopher Duong - Director/Editor

David Dinh - Actor